[notmuch] suggestion/request about notmuch config

Jameson Graef Rollins jrollins at finestructure.net
Sat Nov 21 15:06:38 PST 2009

Hi, folks.  I just recently heard about notmuch and am very excited by
it.  It looks like exactly what I've been waiting years for.  Also
excited to see so much good development work happening.

I started playing around with notmuch today and I have a suggestion
about the notmuch config files and databases.

I would prefer to see all notmuch files and data in the same
directory, preferably:


The config file could be:


and the database could be:


or something to that affect.  This would make it much easier to keep
track of in my opinion.  I would also prefer to keep the database
completely separate from my mail directory itself.

I think these changes would be fairly trivial.  I would be happy to
take a crack at them if there aren't any major concerns about this
proposal.  Obviously moving the default config might impact current
users, but I think it's fairly minor.  One reason why it's probably
better to make this change now...

Let me know what people think.  Looking forward to working with

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