[notmuch] [PATCH] Handle rename of message file

Mikhail Gusarov dottedmag at dottedmag.net
Wed Nov 18 17:14:41 PST 2009

Twas brillig at 02:08:15 19.11.2009 UTC+01 when cworth at cworth.org did gyre and gimble:

 CW> I believe you said in IRC that this patch is not ready yet.


 CW> I'd love to hear more from you on any experiments/ideas you have in
 CW> this area. It would be a really nice feature to have, (particularly
 CW> for people who are experimenting with notmuch while still using
 CW> some other primary email program that keeps fiddling with the
 CW> filenames).

Did not have time to work on it further yet.

The only dumb idea I have in mind is hardlinking all mail to separate
directory in order to make a "pristine copy" which does not change as
time goes. This directory could be cleaned up: if some file has only 1
link, then it was deleted from main mail spool and should be deleted
From copy too.

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