Notmuch 0.36 (2022-04-25)


Add the sexp prefix to the infix (traditional) query parser. This allows specific subqueries to be parsed by the sexp parser (with appropropriate quoting). See notmuch-search-terms(7) for details.

Add another heuristic to regexp fields to prevent phrase parsing of bracketed sub-expressions.

Command Line Interface

Envelope from ("From ") headers are now escaped as X-Envelope-From: in input to notmuch-insert. This prevents creating mbox files when calling notmuch-insert from e.g. postfix.

Python (CFFI) Bindings

Use the config_pairs API in ConfigIterator. This returns all matching key-value pairs, not just those that happen to be stored in the database.


Reorganize documention for notmuch-config. Add a few links from other man pages.


Bind the usual undo key sequences to new command "notmuch-tag-undo". This allows transparent undo of tagging operations.


Fix smime.4 with newer gmime. Unset XDG_DATA_HOME and MAILDIR for tests.

New add-on tool: notmuch-web

The new devel/ tool notmuch-web is a very thin web client. It supports a full search interface for one user: there is no facility for multiple users provided today. See the notmuch-web README file for more information.

Be careful about running it on a network-connected system: it will expose a web interface that requires no authentication but exposes your mail store.