Notmuch 0.20 (2015-05-31)

Command-Line Interface

There is a new mimetype: search prefix

The new mimetype: search prefix allows searching for the content-type of attachments, which is now indexed. See the notmuch-search-terms manual page for details.

Path to gpg is now configurable

On systems with multiple versions of gpg, you can tell notmuch which one to use by setting crypto.gpg_path


Avoid rendering large text attachments.

Improved rendering of CID references in HTML.


Vim client now respects excluded tags.


Support messages without Message-IDs.


Undeprecate single message mboxes

It seems more trouble to remove this feature than expected, so notmuch new will no longer nag about mboxes with a single message.

New error logging facility

Clients should call notmuch_database_status_string to retrieve output formerly printed to stderr.

Several bug fixes related to stale iterators

New status code returning API for n_query_search_{messages,thread}

Fix for library install_name on Mac OS X

Fix for rounding of seconds


Sphinx is now mandatory to build docs

Support for using rst2man in place of sphinx to build the documentation has been removed.

Improved notmuch-search-terms.7

The man page notmuch-search-terms(7) has been extended, merging some material from the relicensed wiki.


notmuch-deliver is removed. As far as we know, all functionality previously provided by notmuch-deliver should now be provided by notmuch insert, provided by the main notmuch binary.


nmbug-status now only matches local branches when reading status-config.json from the config branch of the NMBGIT repository. To help new users running nmbug-status, nmbug clone now creates a local config branch tracking origin/config. Folks who use nmbug-status with an in-Git config (i.e. you don't use the --config option) who already have NMBGIT set up are encouraged to run:

git checkout config origin/config

in their NMBGIT repository (usually ~/.nmbug).