Notmuch 0.13.1 (2012-05-29)

Bug-fix release

Fix inserting of UTF-8 characters from text/plain parts in reply

While notmuch gained ability to insert content from other than text/plain parts of email whenever text/plain parts are not available (notably HTML-only emails), replying to mails that do have text/plain the non-ASCII characters were incorrectly decoded. This is now fixed.

notmuch_database_get_directory and notmuch_database_find_message_by_filename now work on read-only databases

Previously, these functions attempted to create directory documents that didn't exist and would return an error or abort when given a read-only database. Now they no longer create directory documents and simply return a NULL object if the directory does not exist, as documented.

Fix compilation of ruby bindings

Revert to dynamic linking, since the statically linked bindings did not work well.