Notmuch 0.11.1 (2012-02-03)

Bug-fix release

Fix error handling in python bindings

The python bindings in 0.11 failed to detect NULL pointers being returned from libnotmuch functions and thus failed to raise exceptions to indicate the error condition. Any subsequent calls into libnotmuch caused segmentation faults.

Quote MML tags in replies

MML tags are text codes that Emacs uses to indicate attachments (among other things) in messages being composed. The Emacs interface did not quote MML tags in the quoted text of a reply. User could be tricked into replying to a maliciously formatted message and not editing out the MML tags from the quoted text. This could lead to files from the user's machine being attached to the outgoing message. The Emacs interface now quotes these tags in reply text, so that they do not effect outgoing messages.