Notmuch 0.10 (2011-11-23)

New build and testing features

Emacs tests are now done in dtach. This means that dtach is now needed to run the notmuch test suite, at least until the checking for prerequisites is improved.

Full test coverage of the stashing feature in Emacs.

New command-line features

Add notmuch restore --accumulate option

The --accumulate switch causes the union of the existing and new tags to be applied, instead of replacing each message's tags as they are read in from the dump file.

Add search terms to notmuch dump

The dump command now takes an optional search term much like notmuch search/show/tag. The output file argument of dump is deprecated in favour of using stdout.

Add notmuch search --offset and --limit options

The search command now takes options --offset=[-]N and --limit=N to limit the number of results shown.

Add notmuch count --output option

The count command is now capable of counting threads in addition to messages. This is selected using the new --output=(threads|messages) option.

New emacs UI features

Add tab-completion for notmuch-search and notmuch-search-filter

These functions now support completion tags for query parts starting with "tag:".

Turn "id:MSG-ID" links into buttons associated with notmuch searches

Text of the form "id:MSG-ID" in mails is now a clickable button that opens a notmuch search for the given message id.

Add keybinding ('c I') for stashing Message-ID's without an id: prefix

Reduces manual labour when stashing them for use outside notmuch.

Do not query on notmuch-search exit

It is harmless to kill the external notmuch process, so the user is no longer interrogated when they interrupt a search.


Emacs now constructs large search buffers more efficiently

Search avoids opening and parsing message files

We now store more information in the database so search no longer has to open every message file to get basic headers. This can improve search speed by as much as 10X, but taking advantage of this requires a database rebuild:

    notmuch dump > notmuch.dump
    # Backup, then remove notmuch database ($MAIL/.notmuch)
    notmuch new
    notmuch restore notmuch.dump

New collection of add-on tools

The source directory "contrib" contains tools built on notmuch. These tools are not part of notmuch, and you should check their individual licenses. Feel free to report problems with them to the notmuch mailing list.

nmbug - share tags with a given prefix

nmbug helps maintain a git repo containing all tags with a given prefix (by default "notmuch::"). Tags can be shared by committing them to git in one location and restoring in another.